TurbineMachine m.e.Co

For the first time in Iran, turbo-compressors of Olefin units were successfully overhauled by national experts. Also, simulation and investigation of turbine function, efficiency and output power was completely accomplished by expert engineers in TMC in response to the client order. In the absence of OEMs specialists and foreign companies, it was a great achievement for Turbine Machine M.E. Company (TMC) as the first Iranian company that accomplished revamping the Olefin unit turbines. They had not been overhauled for 14 years. The power and capacity of the main steam turbines have been increased by about 25%, which has been achieved through comprehensive multi-disciplinary investigations by employing extensive numerical simulations and cutting-edge designing and manufacturing processes, all managed and carried out by experienced engineers and technicians of TMC. Furthermore, the TMC succeeded in localizing the manufacturing technology of high-capacity screw compressor rotors, and manufactured rotors by TMC installed during the overhaul and now they are operating as well.