Turbine Machine Middle-East Co. Goals

Integrated Management System Policy (IMS) 


TMC activities are included - but not limited to- turbines, pumps, compressors and various kinds of related spare parts manufacturing and refurbishing operations in field of the oil and energy.

The company is highly committed to meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers and also tries to satisfy other legal and regulatory requirements as well; therefore, according to mentioned-above factors and also environmental aspects and intolerant risks, the company proceeded to Implement Integrated management system (MSI) which is based on the following standards:

ISO14001: 2004

OHSAS 18001: 2007

ISO 9001: 2008

Considering these standards, an overview of company policy can be briefly determined as follows:

1. Trying to reach higher levels of customer satisfaction

2. Simultaneous Improvement of both quantity and quality of goods/services provided.

3. Improvement of staves’ scientific and technical knowledge

4. Reducing significant environmental impacts, in order to decrease environmental pollution

5. Risk Assessment and Management to achieve health and safety requirements

6. Optimizing energy resource consumptions

Obviously, such policy leads to a valuable commitment regarding quality management, environment care, and health and safety condition.

 The QHSE agent is responsible for involving with the HSE agent and taking the responsibility of implementation, operation and maintenance of the above system standards.

All the employees are required to work with commitment, responsibility and full cooperation with the direct agent of management to increase the effectiveness of the system and attempt to achieve the aforementioned goals.