Production of parts


 Manufacturing of stationary and rotating components

In order to  provide its customers with high quality services, TMC proceeds in engineering, overhaul, operating ,re-engineering, manufacturing, quality control, delivery and installation activities.

With the benefit of its unique industrial capabilities, TMC has established a wide supply chain in the country, offering engineering services related to alloy production field.

Employing powerful technical engineers has enabled TMC to design and manufacture more than 3,200 pieces till now, all being utilized under appropriate warranty and guarantee coverage:


Here is a brief list of what TMC has been involving in till today:

  • Manufacturing common gas and steam turbine parts 
  • Manufacturing gas turbine rotor series 
  • Manufacturing critical parts and assemblies used in  turbines and rotating machines 
  • Manufacturing various kinds of turbines shafts and drives 
  • Manufacturing critical parts for customized  pumps and compressors
  • Manufacturing spare parts and accessories;
  • Designing manufacturing methods and quality control systems 
  • Manufacturing hot section parts