Overhaul and Repair

One of the most important sections of TMC Group- which plays a major role in providing comprehensive turbine services- is Overhaul and Repair segment. TMC is highly active in fields of assembly, disassembly and repairing issues related to various turbine parts.

Generally, after passing the certain working hours, all turbines require overhaul operations. Such overhaul operations include the whole process of receiving the equipment from the customer, disassembly, blasting, NDT, dimensional and geometric inspection, quality control, construction and reconstruction of damaged parts, balancing and final assembly, which all would be under taken by TMC experts and specialists.

We can proudly indicate Solar, Siemens, GEC, GE Turbine products in our overhaul performance history.

 Furthermore, we have rich experience in field of repair and overhaul for another types of industrial equipment such as steam turbines and also gas & centrifugal compressors in our performance record as well. Many of mentioned above equipment belong to well-known manufacturers such as Cooper, Clark, Borsing, Coppus, Terry, GE, Siemens, Dresser Rand, and Franco Tosi.

Need to mention, most of mentioned-above equipment have been reconstructed and utilized with our own domestic manufactured parts and we confirm that the whole process takes place based on international standards under third party inspection and client monitoring.


Restoration of components:

In some cases, when parts are damaged and there is a possibility for restructuring them, TMC benefited from qualified and trained personnel as well as  special  industrial equipment such as Welding machines, Metal Sprays, devices for coating cold/hot area, turbine painting devices and various cleaning methods is ready to provide suitable required services.