Engineering Services


Engineering Services

TMC, relying on its significant capabilities and capacities in offering wide variety of integrated turbo generator sets, turbo compressors and turbo pumps and according to its past rich experiences in providing high quality products and services, is benefited from high technology of the world’s most valuable brands-particularly Solar made turbines (e.g. centaur model), for its own designing, integration and manufacturing procedures for various turbo sets.

Nowadays, all turbine required spare parts are manufactured in TMC structure, offering as after sale services, along with overhaul services in case of any support is needed from the customer side. Need to mention, all products including spare parts, assemblies and repair parts would be 100% guaranteed by TMC.

These services are based on customer requirements for turbo pumps, turbo generators and turbo compressors, which would be used in EPC Projects being carried out in Iran territory.

Thanks to the high technology and ease of use of solar centaur turbines, there are more than 3,000 devices belong to solar family, currently being utilized in various industries across the world.

Considering many factors such as:

  • Basic structure of oil stations in Iran
  • Number of oil and gas pipeline transmission stations
  • Exploitation sites which belongs to  National Iranian Oil Company
  • Petroleum production rate of wells

about 130 Solar centaur gas turbines for  driving the  compressors and pumps and about  40  devices for oil and gas  operating companies are installed and in operation in the country.

TMC Group is strongly is involving  special comprehensive programming for localization major repairs carrying out in EPC projects and performing overhaul repairs and  probable upgrading, if necessary.